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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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107.   To HOKACE MANN.
Arlington Street, Feb. 2, 1743.
LAST night at the Duchess of Richmond's, I saw Madame Goldsworthy : what a pert, little, unbred thing it is ! The Duchess presented us to one another ; but I cannot say that either of us stepped a foot beyond the first civilities. The good Duchess was for harbouring her and all her brood : how it happened to her I don't conceive, but the thing had decency enough to refuse it. She is going to live with her father * at Plymouth — tant mieux !
The day before yesterday the Lords had a great day : Earl Stanhope moved for an address to his Britannic Majesty, in consideration of the heavy wars, taxes, &c., far exceeding all that ever were known, to exonerate his people of foreign troops (Hanoverians), which are so expensive, and can in no light answer the ends for which they were hired. Lord Sandwich seconded ; extremely well, I hear, for I was not there. Lord Carteret answered, but was under great concern. Lord Bath spoke too, and would fain have persuaded that this measure was not solely of one minister, but that himself and all the Council were equally concerned in it. The late Privy Seal 2 spoke for an hour and a half, with the greatest applause, against the Hanoverians ; and my Lord Chancellor 3 extremely well for them. The division was, 90 for the Court, 35 against it. The present Privy Seal* voted with the Opposition: so there will soon be another. Lord Halifax, the Prince's new Lords, was with the minority too; the other, Lord Darnley, with the Court. After the division, Lord Scar: borough, his Eoyal Highness's Treasurer, moved an address
LETTER 107. — 1 Captain Vanbrugh.         * I/ord Q-ower.    Walyole.
2  lord Hervey.   Walpole,                     5 Of the Bedchamber.
3  Lord Hardwicke.